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Ard Rock Enduro Festival 2018

The Ard Rock Enduro Festival is based near the beautiful village of Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and it’s supported by some of the World’s biggest mountain bike brands including title sponsors Santa Cruz Bicycles, Maxxis Tyres and Camelbak. Whilst the main focus is on the Ard Rock Enduro competition and challenge events,…

Drone News, Editorial

Drone Law

New laws introduced today will restrict all drones from flying above 400 feet or within one kilometre of airport boundaries. The legislation follows a year-on-year increase in the report of drone incidents with aircraft, with 93 reported in 2017. The measures are hoped to reduce the possibility of damage to windows and engines of planes and helicopters. How dangerous…


DJI Drones used for conservation

DJI Drones Being Used to Save Entangled Whales NOAA, Oceans Unmanned and DJI Team Up May 29, 2018 – Every fall, pods of enormous humpback whales make their way towards Hawaii, where they can ride out the winter in warm waters of NOAA’s Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. For centuries humans have watched this…